Cattle Mettle a project with an objective to provide sustainable cattle feed supply to low income farmers in the desert prone areas of India.

What We Do

Cattle are an integral part of rural economy and we believe that by supporting them, we could help reduce rural poverty in a longer term. Currently, farmers rely on intermittent supply of green and dry fodder, and food grains which do not fulfill the nutritional requirements of cattle. Also, the concentrate cattle feed available in the market is expensive for these small farmers.

We provide a solution to address these challenges by incorporating locally available resources into the food chain of cattle which are not being used at present. Our first product line of cattle feed is based on pods collected from Mesquite tree, which is also called as Prosopis Juliflora or vilayati babool. Mesquite is an invasive species, which had been introduced in various geographies and has been spreading ever since.


How We Do


Our Impact

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This summer in may, we are conducting a pilot run with your support and we are really excited to get this off the ground!
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